The Booming Sex Trade In Ghana


This story was done by a nigerian journalist last year. But through our investigations it seems nothing has been done about it and the matter has been swept under the carpet. it is inhumane that our african sisters are facing this atrocities and no one seems to care bout it or even raise a voice about it. God save this continent called Africa. According to one of the girls we spoke to by the name Sharon, we learned she was asked to pay the sum of Ghc3500 ($2000) based on the distance her agent travelled to bring her to Ghana.

You will find these ladies at Tasco Guest House in Adum , a suburb area of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Some of the young ones newly brought in are between the ages of 14-17yrs and are taken to a place called Plaza hotel at Dichemso by 6pm everyday to hustle and return to their hotel by 12am, while some go to ?the street? like they fondly call it at Ahodwo road in kumasi where we have most night clubs to do their business.

They also have their headquarters at Adum about 5min walk from their guest house. The price paid by guys to have sex with these girls varies and solely depends on where they have the agreement. The girls on street charge Ghc20-Ghc50 ($12-$30) for short time sex and Ghc50-Ghc100 ($30-$65) for the whole night, while the ones at the Plaza hotel charge Ghc5-Ghc10 ($4-$7) and mostly don?t go over night because they are completely exhausted.

The ones at Adum the headquarters also charge the same with the plaza girls, though they take customers over night and charge according to the status of the customer. These girls ?conditions are really disheartening considering what they are exposed to; most of them use almost seven months to pay back the money.

Even at that, when they request to go back to Nigeria they are made to swear to different kind of oaths that will keep them in Ghana and in the trade. Slynet news is appealing to the Nigerian high commission, Ghana government, civil societies, human rights activist and the two countries to rise and put an end to this act of injustices. These nonsense must stop !!!

Source : SlyNet’s Blog

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  1. i had the chance to be with some of these girls, its a cry for most of them. they know well the plight and implication of their actions. they have no choice than to comply with the directives of their stewards. ITS REALLY HARD.


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