Students In Hot S*x Video, Girl Takes GH?20.00 For Three Bouts


A 22-year old former student of Kumasi Secondary Technical? (K.S.T.S) Kwame Asare, a.k.a Festival has succeeded in inducing a 17-year old female student of Assemblies of God Senior High School located at Kwadaso-Nsuom with GH?20.00 and engaging her? in a 1hour 45minutes hot sexual bouts which he videotaped.?

The digitally-videoed sexual escapade by Kwame Asare currently in the possession of the police, was to be sold by Kwame Asare to a foreign based pornographic company for 10,000 US Dollars.

Kwame Asare is said to have induced the girl with an amount of GH? 20.00 and subsequently switched into a? three round hot sex in a boys getto at Adoato-Kokoso whiles a laptop mounted by him took a full live coverage of the act without the knowledge of the victim, backed by the intention of selling the recorded file to a foreign based pornographic company for a dollar amount of 10,000.

Following his arrest at Adum? opposite Kufour clinic on the 14th of May 21013, Kwame Asare confessed during an interrogation with the police to have carried out a similar act with a number of? female students for over one year? but denied the charge of selling the recorded file for commercial reasons.

Although it Kwame Asare was arrested over the incident it came to light that he is not working solo, but is believed to be among a network? that is involve in this sex business for years.

Investigative journalist of The Moment was however shocked to his foundations as he watched Kwame Asare in the sex video stripping the female student off her school uniform, engaging in a serious foreplay and finally inserting his penis into the?under-age female student?s vagina until he ejaculated, wiping off the emitted spermatozoon with his handkerchief and reinserting his dick, completing?a three?successful rounds of?insertion and ejaculation.

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