Vice President Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana
Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana

Sierra Leone’s Vice President Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana on Tuesday denied all the allegations levelled against him that led to his expulsion from the governing All People’s Congress Party (APC) of Sierra Leone.

Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana
Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana

He described the allegations as “false, unfounded baseless and unfortunate and unfortunate” meant to create a wedge between him and his superior, the President.
Noting that after his period of self quarantine he “will address all the issues appropriately”, The VP who was speaking to the nation through one of the local radio said.
“As I speak I have not received any correpondence to the effect from the Secretariat about my expulsion except through the media,” he however noted that the issue of his expulsion was a “storm in a tea cup which will be resolved”. As far as he was concerned he said “I was borne APC and will die APC”.
On his religion, Sam Sumana explained that he is “a muslim born and bread with 95 percent of his township including all his parents are muslims”.
He stressed that he has never attempted to forment nor formented violence in his native town of Kono in the east for which he is being accused of.
He took the opportunity to appeal to all to remain “calm and to observe the rule of law and be law abiding”.
He went further to reiterate his respect and allegiance to the President Ernest Koroma to whom he is very grateful for making him his running mate and eventually the Vice President.
Meanwhile, the official opposition party, the SLPP has raised concern on the expulsion noting that “it would derail the fight against the dreaded Ebola virus”. Enditem




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