An liberian official of the Ebola Incident Management System (IMS) said on Monday the lady who was confirmed positive with the Ebola virus is in a stable condition as she is being given enormous attention by health workers. Ebola
The Deputy Incident Manager, Francis Kateh, cited Liberia’s current surveillance system as well as the Rapid Isolation and Treating Ebola (RITE) strategy, as factors responsible for quick identification of the recent Ebola case.
Speaking at the regular Ministry of information Ebola press conference in Monrovia Monday, Kateh said it remains the hope of every Liberian the patient to speedily recover.
The deputy IMS head says investigation has not yet authenticated how the woman became infected.
He however said sources close to the woman, cooked food seller told investigators that her involvement with multiple contacts through the handling of cash generated from the sale of food might serve as a clue to discovering how she got infected.
Kateh also unveiled that a male Ebola survivor who has gone more than 100 days since he was discharged from the ETU has been linked to the investigation.
According to him, the recent infection might provide new clues in tackling the Ebola disease, and urged Liberians to continue to adhere to preventive measures until the entire region is declared Ebola free.
Liberia’s count-down to becoming an Ebola free nation was put in jeopardy as a result of the recent case which according to the IMS report, has since generated about 80 contacts or more to be followed based on ongoing investigations.
Liberia last Friday confirmed the woman from the Caldwell district outside the capital, Monrovia, tested positive of the virus further complicating the drive toward achieving an ebola- free status.
Meanwhile massive contact tracing is ongoing for those who may have come in contact with the woman according to the IMS. Enditem

Source: Xinhua



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