Rapper Freddy E Commits Suicide After Gillfriend’s Jilt. What A Shame!


Freddy E

All around the world, people do this?killing themselves because their girlfriends or boyfriends have left them. Today, the hip-hop community is mourning the loss of rapper Freddy E (Tyga?s record label), who took to twitter to announce he was ending his life.

Reports say, the up and coming rapper committed suicide over his failed relationship with girlfriend and female rapper Honey Cocaine who is also signed to Tyga?s record label.

Before pulling the trigger, Freddy E  tweeted the following?


Though some people think twitter is evil and it makes people do a lot of unbelievable things, I still think before twitter, people committed suicide over failed relationships.

The question is; Would You Kill Yourself Because Your BF or GF Left You?  Have you ever gotten to a stage in life where you saw ending your life as the only viable option? What brought you back?

Honey Cocaine2

Honey Cocaine1

Honey Cocaine3

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