Public Procurement Act Is A Tool To Fight Corruption


? The Board? Chairman? of? the Public Procurement Authority (PPA), ?Steve ??Commodore ( Rtd) Obimpeh????? stated that, the PPA ?is one of the tools? being? strengthened ?by the government? to fight corruption? in the public? institutions.

?PPA? is? a? tool to fight? corruption? in the? country as compliance? to ?its regulations? would go a long way? to? reduce ??malfeasant in the ??system if not eradicated? completely,? he? believed .

Commodore? Obimpeh, a former minister of? Health? under? the former? President? Rawlings?? regime? in? an interview with?? the paper after? the 5th? PPA?S public forum,? said? revelations? from the? Public Accounts? Committee (PAC) ?of Parliament, have? shown? that??? had not? adherent? to regulations of? the PPA?Act by some spirited? citizens? things? would? have been?? in? their worst? forms.

He? noted that? the fear? many persons? haboured? of being? hull?? before? the PAC? to explain? how? judiciously ??they??? transacted ??businesses in? the name? of the? state, has? made most of them abide by? Act? 663 of? PPA.

Sharing? his view about? the? whole?? forum, he? was? overwhelmed??? by the large attendance, saying, ?I was really? amazed? by number of? persons? who? attended? the? programme? which was first to be organized??? in Kumasi. The massive ??attendance coupled with? some? of the intelligent contributions? made? by? some of? the participants?? pointed to the? fact that, majority of the citizens? were? willing to? support the? ?state? to?? deal? with? the? menace? of corruption which? is affecting? our developmental ?efforts,?? he noted.

He however,? was of the opinion that as ?human institutions,? there? is? possibility? that some persons, in? order? to? achieve their selfish? motives would continue? to? engage in practices?? that are ?not? in line with the? procurement act.

He?hoped?that?with?periodical education, majority? would get to understand? the importantce?? role PPA plays?? in developing the economy? of the? country.

The Chief Executive?? of the PPA,? Mr. Samuel ?Sallas? Mensah,? ?speaking on the theme ?Consolidating? the? gains,? of Ghana?s Public Procurement reform through ?innovative approaches,?? said? since the passage?? of the PPA? Act in? 2004, it has? served? as an instrument? to? enhance? transparency ?and? accountability which hitherto ?the? coming? into? being of? the? legal? framework ?the usage? of state funds was? characterized? with a lot? of irregularities .

He ?said?, the Act ??has? given a? rise? to the? multiplicity? of procurement? ?guidelines? in? the forms of?? administrative?? instructions ??being? adhered? to? by? the various sectors? of the economy.

He? indicated ?that, about a decade of? the public? procurement? reforms, issues of public? procurements? have zeroed? on the? quest? by? the country to instill? disciple? in? the financial? management? of? Ghana.

According??? to? him ,? with the ?global? trends in the? usage? of? ICT coupled? with? electronic ?process, the? PPA?? has? commenced??? processes? to? execute a? pilot e-procurement? system? by the end of this? year.

The? e-procurement system?,? he? said,? is currently? being?? designed?? by? a? consultants from the? Price? Water House? Cooper and would be piloted?? for three? years?? under? auspices? of the World? Bank. ?Once in place, it would ??initially be? implemented by?? some? high spending?? organizations??? such as? the Volta? River Authority,? Ghana Grid Company Limited,? Ghana Cocoa? Board? , Ministry? of Finance and Economic? Planning? among other? high? departments,? he revealed.

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