The Perfect Spiritual Solution to EBOLA Revealed-2


By Chris Bapuohyele

ebola-hand1Upon eating the forbidden fruit, three horrible things happened to Adam that were meant to also affect all his yet to be born seed then in his loins! First, Adam lost his fellowship, peace, and protection he had with and from his Maker. This loss was also to affect his seed even before birth and was to be their bane throughout their life on Earth.

Second, by obeying Lucifer, Adam transferred his loyalty to Elohim to him: Lucifer became Adam?s boss. Lucifer now Adam?s boss, what dominion he previously held over all of Elohim?s Creation, was legally passed over to Lucifer. Lucifer, thus, became the ruler of the Earth that Adam hitherto ruled.

Third, Lucifer now had the right and power to use all that previously revered, obeyed, and served man, to fight him! And so, snake venom, scorpion stings, mosquito bites, etc, began to inflict pain and bring death to man; all coming from his disobedience to the law of Elohim that forbade his eating of a particular fruit!

So, whatever deaths EBOLA is causing today, it had the same power and mandate to do immediately Adam turned his dominion over Creation to Lucifer! Why EBOLA seemed absent from Earth until its discovery in 1976, is all because, Lucifer, the de facto ruler of Earth, calculatedly kept to himself the timing when he would wreak disaster by it! In other words, the time to strike man with death through EBOLA lies in the bosom of Lucifer!! And Lucifer?s choice of time is now!!

And so, EBOLA is in a hide and seek with mankind according to the determinate will of Lucifer and sending mankind running helter-skelter without finding the solutions to EBOLA!! I dare say this will continue to be so for all inhabitants of Earth until they find and make use of Elohim?s antidote to Lucifer?s callousness of causing man to sin unto death by EBOLA and other viruses.

Elohim?s antidote to EBOLA and all other diseases is simply marvelous! It is revealed in His Word to mankind in the Hebrew Holy Scriptures. Elohim instructs for everyone to be born again or recreated, by obeying His instructions to make a teshuva (repentance) for the sin committed against Him by Adam and Eve and self, followed by tevilah (baptism) in a mikveh mayim (place of naturally gathered waters, as in a river) in the name of His Son, Yeshua HaMashiach, the only name with power in it to save man from the committing of sin!!

During tevilah in the mikveh mayim, the wisdom and power of Elohim act to dissolve the vile body of the one infested with the sin of Adam, reassembling it after whatever contaminants were in this body have been removed and dropped in the water!?cf. Yechezkel (Ezekiel) 36:25-27.

This mystery in tevilah brings to mind how salt is separated from salt-sand mixtures; that is, dissolving the salt-sand mixture in a container with water to have the insoluble sand settled at the bottom of the container, and then, evaporating to dryness the obtained brine to recover sand-free salt.

Waters for tevilah are, in effect, two liquids in one mix?the blood of Yeshua and a salt solution. Those who undergo tevilah in the name of Yeshua, therefore, become reconstituted as mixes of water, salt, and the blood of Yeshua?cf. Yechezkel (Ezekiel) 16:4, Mattityahu (Matthew) 5:13, Ephesians 5:30, First Yochanan (John) 5:6.

The salt within them makes it impossible for disease-causing micro organisms to enter their bodies or live in them, as with salted fish and meat. Also, the blood of Yeshua in this body ensures no sin enters or stays within it, for this blood constantly cleanses this wonder body from sin?cf. First Yochanan (John) 1:7. This is how the Most High One beats all the wiles of Lucifer through the mission of His Son to Earth to put Chayyei Ein Son (Endless/Everlasting Life)?the very life-type in Him?into man?s body, thereby rendering him compatible as His son!!

To forever render this body that has undergone tevilah, one that has become essentially a bag of water, salt, and the blood of Yeshua, impervious to leakages and entry of unwanted substances like EBOLA, it must be thoroughly baked, in, and by, the fires of Rauch HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) as The Potter must do to His molded clay vessels in order to eternally preserve them!!

So then, as one walks out from any mikveh mayim after tevilah, the fire of Rauch HaKodesh? rushes into him to take full possession of his newly created body, in completion of the born of water and of the Spirit process of Yochanan (John) 3:5. Thus also, this same Rauch HaKodesh that raised Yeshua HaMashiach from the tomb, takes residence in the recreated body making it impossible to be poisoned by snake venom, EBOLA, malaria parasites, et al?cf. Markos (Mark) 16:18, Acts 28:2-6, and Romans 8:11.

As all sicknesses result from the committing of sin, this sin-proof human body of the born again person, indeed, becomes a bank of inexhaustible vibrant life?the very Life of the Creator, Endless/Eternal?impossible to be snuffed out by EBOLA or any disease-conditions!!

?For those genuinely born again into the salvation of Elohim, their disease-proof bodies become His dwelling places, which are unable to suffer attack by any disease, EBOLA inclusive, while He is actively resident in them! This is what it means for a man to have Eternal Life dwelling in him while living here on Earth!!

While an EBOLA menace rages on, this message of hope is what I am duty-bound by Malchut HaElohim?the Kingdom of the Most High One?to deliver to this generation. Shalom Aleikhem?Peace, be unto you.


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