Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ

According to the New Strong?s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (Red letter ed.) the words God, goddess, Godhead, godliness, godly, God?s, gods (idols), and God-ward, appear in the King James Version of The Bible as many as over forty-seven hundred times!

So then, by the time one is through with one complete reading of the King James Version of The Bible, one?s spirit and mind become programed with the word God, as being a proper appellation of the Creator-Judge of the universe.

That being so, just think of the permanence and seeming indelibility of this programing in the spirits and minds of those who dedicatedly read The Bible several times in their lifetime!

The effect of this on readers of The Bible becomes the same as that which was forced upon people under Nazi propaganda. Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945), is quoted to have said: ?If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.??

And so, when salvation seekers, in their many readings of The Bible, are repeatedly informed that God is a holy appellation of the Creator-Judge of the universe, they come to accept it as truth.

In fact, the sacredness attached to all English versions of The Bible by almost all its readers, supposing it to be the unblemished Word of the Most High One written verbatim by people who heard Him speak these very words, makes their acceptance of this lie?that God is the Creator-Judge of the Universe?even more thorough, far reaching, and eternally damaging.

As the return of the Savior to judge the world now seems imminent, salvation seekers must begin asking themselves questions in relation to many of the things they have believed and acted on in faith.

One question of importance would be to know whether, indeed, Elohim and God do mean the same and thus, do have the same effect when uttered with the intent of addressing the Creator-Judge of the Universe.

Another common name in all English versions of The Bible is Jesus. This name and its possessive pronoun, Jesus?, together, appear 981 times in the King James Version.

Every bible student knows that Jesus is a name of Greek origin. And yet, bible readers have come to consider the name Jesus to be appropriate for the Savior of the world, who was of Jewish descent and who, in all his days in Israel, was called by only a Jewish name, by all the Jewish people.

Sadly, by the time that the name Jesus is encountered by readers of the English versions of The Bible in as many times as it appears there, their minds and spirits would have become programed into believing and accepting that this name of Greek origin is what was given by the Most High One Himself to His only begotten Son and Savior of the world.

The effect of this in the minds of salvation seekers is that the Most High One has purposefully and willingly permitted that, His Son, the Jewish-born Savior?Yeshua?now becomes savior to Greek-minded and other Gentile people of the world, in and by the name Jesus!

It is sad to note that even many of today?s Jews calling themselves ?Messianic Jews? are comfortable believing in the name Jesus, and seem to think that it is accepted by the Most High One as being the name of the Savior of the world!

Before the coming of the Savior to the world, however, it was prophesied to Jews in particular and to all Gentiles in general, that he would not only bring salvation to mankind, but also that his name would mean Salvation. The Savior was thus known by the name Yeshua, which in Hebrew means Salvation, when he sojourned this earth. The Savior was never called Jesus in Israel or by Israelites.

And so, in as much as all names are of eternal value, being spirit in nature and power, the name Yeshua is no doubt what name the Savior is forever known by, by the Good Father and His holy angels in Heaven. The Good Father gave this name to His Son, so that he would live and manifest its relevance in fulfillment of prophecy in all three worlds?whether on the earth, in the heavens above, or in the deeps below the earth.

Here, also, the question to ask is: Do the two names?Yeshua and Jesus?get the same response and have the same effect when uttered?

More curious to me is that, if the name Yeshua is what has been given by the Creator-Judge to His only begotten Son, and if it is in and by this name that He ordained for men to believe and accept in order to receive His salvation (Acts 4:10-12), then would the name Jesus do same?

If it is only in the name Yeshua that the salvation of the Most High One must be obtained, what then can the name Jesus (a man-made alias or nickname to Yeshua?) do in mankind?s quest for salvation? In any case, would it be true to say that it was Jesus who ascended to Calvary, or was it Yeshua rather who did?

For me, the most serious error committed by bible translators lies in their translation of names and titles of people they found in the Hebrew texts of the Holy Scriptures. While names of biblical locations and landmarks have remained essentially the same in English versions, albeit in corrupted pronunciations, as they are in the Hebrew text from which English versions are made, such great titles and names as Elohim and Yeshua, and other human names, have been translated into English! This is not only ridiculous but completely unacceptable.

All titles and names the world over, despite whatever cultures they emanate from, must remain the same. They must never be translated. They should only be transliterated.

And so, the name Bapuohyele must remain same in all the cultures of the world?Chinese, Indian, European, American, Fulani, Xhosa. All people of other cultures outside Bapuohyele?s Dagaaba culture must be taught how to properly pronounce the name Bapuohyele to good effect.

So then, why would English translators of The Bible treat differently the title Elohim and the name Yeshua, which are meant to give unique meaning, value and power to any people who believe in them, by translating them? Why are these typically Hebrew names translated, and not rather transliterated?

For me, salvation seekers of all non-Hebrew culture ought to have been taught the meaning, value, and power in Elohim and Yeshua, so they may properly utter them and do so in faith for their intended purposes and results.

Just before the publication of the previous edition of this book in 2012 in the USA by SBPRA, the Holy Spirit began to deal with me in a very strong and recurring manner in my meditations on the titles Elohim and HaMashiach, and the name Yeshua, all of which convey deep and special meanings that only Hebrew spirituality and thought have.

Within Hebrew thought and spirituality, these titles and name are not only relevant, but are also indispensable in mankind?s quest for the salvation of the Holy One of Israel.

The title, HaMashiach, which means the Anointed One, belongs to only Yeshua for ever and ever, and for good reason. This title is conferred by Elohim upon His only begotten Son, Yeshua, and upon no other person.

The title HaMashiach must, therefore, be accepted by salvation seekers the world over?speakers of Hebrew and none speakers alike?if they are to obtain the salvation of the Most High One.

The political titles?president, king, or emperor?when mentioned, connote a certain kind of authority exercised and displayed in how peoples of particular nations are ruled. These titles also uniquely describe the political heads bearing them?in their power, authority, splendor, and glory. They also define the type of state that is governed by these rulers. Just because all who bear these titles are heads of states, it does not mean that these titles may be ascribed anyhow to any head of state!

The Most High One has purposefully conferred the title HaMashiach upon His only begotten Son for good reason. It will be wrong, offensive and unacceptable to Him for this title to be corrupted to ?Messiah?, as has been done by English translators of the Holy Scriptures!

Well, we do know the meaning of ?HaMashiach? to be ?The Anointed One? because the Almighty has told us so; but what does ?Messiah? mean? It might seem to man that the English word ?Messiah? means ?The Anointed One? in much the same way that ?HaMashiach? in Hebrew does. But then, that would be man telling himself so; and not the Most High One telling man so at all!

Since it is only the Most High One who gives revelation knowledge to man, and has not done so in man?s understanding of ?Messiah? to mean ?The Anointed One?, man could be living in delusion as a result of his belief. At the end of it all, man?s beliefs in this would yield him no benefits but rather woes. (—the part three of this preface is soon to be published).


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