Learn about the Pros and Cons of Driving Using Studded Snow Tires


Even before the first signs of winter can be witnessed in the surroundings, that’s as good a sign as any for you to replace your regular tires with winter or snow tires. Remember that tires carry most of the weight of your car and once it skids through slippery surfaces, snow ditches and slushy roads, there is a tendency for you to get involved in road mishaps. This is something that you would not want to happen especially during the dead of winter, so it definitely pays to use the right kind of tires.

Studded Tires & Their Benefits

One of the most popular tires used by drivers for winter is the studded tires. As the name suggests, these are tires which have mini-studs incorporated on the design of the tread. What the metal studs do is provide better grip on the road even in the middle of really harsh winters.

It offers better traction even when you encounter potential road dangers such as black ice.

Studded tires are engineered in such a way that the weight and radial force of your car is used to increase traction. The studs pierce or chew in the snow for better traction. If you are considering using studded tires, there are ones which already come with the studs attached while there are flexible tire models which allow you to remove or replace the studs as necessary.

Are there Any Disadvantages to Using Studded Tires?

Although studded tires do offer better traction for snowy weather driving, there are a few disadvantages to using it as well. For one, the use of studded tires is not allowed in majority of the states in the US. This is because the studs can easily damage public roads, so their use is very limited. Another disadvantage to using studded tires is that they are not really good in handling soft snow or slush on the road.

A Final Word about Choosing Studded Tires

After weighing the pros and cons of using studded tires, you may find that it is still beneficial for you, after all. If this is the case, how are you supposed to choose the best studded tires available? Look for ones which come from a reliable brand. Make sure to replace all four tires instead of just the front or back wheels. Do not mix tread patterns and wheel sizes, because they are not 100% safe on the road.

If it’s your first time to drive with studded tires, avoid immediate acceleration and do not press on the brake too much. Do this for the first 500 kilometers so that the studs will settle in nicely on the tread pattern. By following these tips, you can choose the best studded tires to use for your car. As a result, you can drive using a car whose tires have a much better grip and more excellent traction to prevent accidents while navigating through snowy roads.

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