Is Mariah Carey Cheating On Nick Cannon?


(SANDRAROSE) ? Rumor has it that the marital bonds between songbird Mariah Carey and her multimedia mogul husband Nick Cannon are irretrievably broken.

Usually when rumors start flying this hot and heavy, it?s not just idle chatter; there?s some truth to the gossip. According to the rumor mill, rapper Young Jeezy put his posh 2-story Atlanta penthouse on the market so he can move a little closer to his secret crush, Mariah.

And they say Nick is getting his back rubs and foot massages away from home nowadays. That?s too bad ? especially since children are involved. This often happens when the Dopamine fades and two people who were in lust discover they were never in Love.

Mariah Cheating On Nick Cannon With Young Jeezy

According to the Oct. 21st print edition of National Enquirer, Mariah?s missing ring is also accompanied by some extra flirty behavior. She was spotted at Nas? birthday party getting all touchy feely with him while Nick was nowhere to be seen. There have also been rumors about the songbird doing more than working in the studio with Young Jeezy. While it sounds like Mariah is on the prowl Nick is rumored to have a handful of side chicks as well.

Mariah supposedly has worried about Nick?s previously wandering eye and those close to him say that she?s smart to be concerned. His payroll has a few names on it that are more than just employees, if you catch my drift.  Source

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