Increase In Fuel Prices Strikes Ghana


The Ghana government today announced it has increased the prices on fuel between 15-20%

The new prices take effect Sunday February 17, 2013, according to a statement signed by the Chief Executive of the National Petroleum Authority Alex Mould, reports February 16, 2013.

?The maximum indicative price for a litre of petrol will be GH?2.0496 (GH?9.22 per gallon) and the maximum indicative prices for a litre of diesel will be GH?2.0683 will (GH?9.31 per gallon)? it quoted the statement as saying.

Kerosene will now sell at 104.65 pesewas per litre, a 15% rise while LPG will go for 194.85 pesewas per litre or GH?24.36 per a 12.5 kg cylinder, according to the report. The LPG price is increased by 50%.

The statement said the new prices are based on the crude oil price of $116 per barrel and an exchange rate of GH?1.89/USD.

By Ekow Quandzie/


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