Hillary Clinton Has Made Up Her Mind.


hillary-clinton-and-angela-merkel MOST POWERFUL WOMEN

Washington ? President Barack Obama said on Wednesday he would love for Hillary Clinton to stay on as secretary of state after his hoped for re-election, but that ?despite my begging? she has decided to move on.

?She has done an incredible job. She has logged a lot of miles [kilometres], she has been working so hard,? Obama told viewers on NBC television?s Tonight Show, a popular, late-night comedy programme.

Less than two weeks before the 6 November vote that will determine whether he will win a second term in the White House, Obama heaped praise on Clinton, who four years ago was his bitter rival for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Obama ultimately won the nomination before defeating Republican nominee John McCain in the November 2008 election. Clinton, the former first lady and one-time US senator, has proven to be an invaluable asset to Obama?s administration over the past four years and is viewed as one of its most competent and popular players.

?She has done a great job. I would love for her to stay,? said Obama, adding however that he also understands why she is leaving.

Source : AP

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