Here Is Prove That Beyonce Faked Her Pregnancy


There have been several reports and claims slamming Beyonce for faking  her pregnancy and decieving the public.  Tamar Braxton still believes Bey faked her pregnancy.  The latest to hit us is by a Website Gawker which claims that they  have new evidence to prove that BeyBey FAKED HER PREGNANCY!!!

Interestingly,one might find these evidence unbelievably true.  According to the website- ?There was that footage of her apparently  pregnant belly folding in on itself when she made an appearance on

Australian TV in the fall of 2011(photo on the left)  Months later, Beyonc? addressed it with a pithy explanation : ?It was  a fabric that folded ? does fabric not fold? Her reason was somewhat  unthinkable?

Also,Life Is But a Dream covers a period of time before the supposed  birth of Beyonc? and Jay-Z?s daughter, Blue Ivy. It?s hard to say  exactly how long because particulars like where and when are barely
telegraphed ? there?s not a single explanatory chyron in the entire  film.

?We never see a full, clear shot of Beyonc??s pregnant, swanlike body.  Instead it?s presented in pieces, owing to the limitations of her Mac  webcam.When her body is shown in full, it?s in grainy, black and white
footage in which her face is shadowed?

If you?re going to present an image of your pregnant self to prove the naysayers wrong,why do it in such an obscure way? Why bother?



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