Dr Boadi Herbal Centre Save Girl, 11


Dr Boadi Herbal Center at Agona in the Sekyere South District has totally cured an 11 year old girl, Ajara Abubakari of her deadly Hepatitis B disease after going through a very short treatment.

Ajara Abubakari a native of Sawla in the Upper West region was diagnosed as having the virus at the BIL Clinical Laboratory in Wa on June this year.

The Laboratory papers seen by The Moment have a lab. Number of 11996/12 with liver function test conducted on her and was dated 14 of June 2012.

The family had nearly given hope until they were quickly reminded of the wonders of the celebrated Dr. Yaw Boadi Mensah whose herbal powers have transcended the borders of this country.

Ajara and her family reported to the Agona based Boadi Herbal Center shortly after they received their laboratory confirmation of she having the disease and treatment as usual started in earnest.

The parents confirmed that after four months of receiving treatment from the herbalist, Ajara was cured as another laboratory test from Friends Maternity Clinic at Sawla confirms.

A serology reporter cited by this paper revealed that the 11 year old reacted ?non-responsive? to the HBgAg test thus making her free to pursue her educational ambitions.

Dr. Yaw Mensah Boadi told this paper that Hepatitis B is an infectious inflammatory illness of the liver caused be the hepatitis B virus and is also classified as a sexually transmitted disease prevalent in Africa and some parts of Asia.

Orthodox medicine has failed to find a cure to this disease. It can cause liver cancer and jaundice. Being a viral disease it can be passed on to another person through several means such as sexual intercourse and blood transfusion.

The famous herbalist called on government to accord the necessary recognition to the herbal industry since the sector is a multi-million cedi industry that employs a greater number of people who otherwise would be out of job.

He is widely known for his sharp treatment of diseases such as impotence, syphilis, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and many other ailments whose cure has eluded orthodox medicine.



Source:?The Moment

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