Corporate message from eagles


Is humming bird heavier or a vulture?? The very question itself is ?stupid? and hence who would like to waste their time to answer such question.? If the humming birds are ?small? then why they flap wings 60-80 times per second while flying when compared to vulture or kite or eagle as they simply soar in the sky without flapping wings?


Birds flap wings while flying only to balance in the air.? To balance, flapping of wings is necessary hence they flap.? This is theory.? The speed of the flight and the weight of the bird also determine the number of flapping of wings by the birds.??


The interesting question is that why humming birds flap their wings more than vulture or eagle or kite.? Humming birds are indeed one of the smallest birds in avian kingdom.? Why such a small bird flapping its wings so many times whereas birds like turkey vulture, eagle and kite easily soar in sky for hours without flapping wings even once.?


There is a certain management message these two groups of birds convey to the corporate.? Although the weight of the humming bird may be far too less, but its feeding style require and demand the humming bird to flap its wings continuously.? Humming bird gathers nectar from flowers.? Uniqueness of the bird is that while flying, it gathers nectar.? To balance flying and gathering nectar simultaneously, they have to flap the wings vigorously and continuously.


Quite contrary to that, the birds like eagle, vulture, kite etc., although weight heavy, fly high in the sky.? They prefer to fly high because only from high sky, they can easily spot their prey.? While searching a prey, it is wise not to spend too much of energy as greater energy is required for hunting the prey animals.


In the case of humming birds, it is flapping its wings continuously while eating the food.? It justifies the greater expenditure of energy as such energy expenditure is essential to gather its food.?


When the birds like eagle, kite and vulture flying high, it easy to balance in the high sky than flying closes to the ground level.?


The corporate leaders must learn the importance of how and when the resources, effort and time must be spent.? Most corporate and its people spent lot of time, effort and resources in discussing/brainstorming on what they should do.? For doing, hardly there will be any serious effort or resource or even commitment.? Many corporate these days engage only in just discussions and nothing else.? While preparing the agenda for the meeting, they deliberately forget to prepare any action steps, follow-ups or monitoring mechanism of the results.?


Eagle conserves its resource as it knows when to use the same so is a humming bird. ?The humming bird lavishly spent its resource only for the purpose of gaining profit.?


Nature sends several management messages for the corporate to learn and understand.?? Every resource needs to be ?utilized? appropriately otherwise the results will never be in line with expenditure of the resource.? ????


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


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