Is Christianity Biblical?-Part 2


The greatest error committed by all translators of the Bible lies in their translating of all names of people they found in the Hebrew Holy Scriptures. That is not only wrong and unacceptable, it is ridiculous. It is ridiculous because, whereas, names of towns, places and other landmarks in Hebrew have remained essentially the same in the English Bible, albeit in corrupted pronunciations, all names of people originally found in the Hebrew Holy Scriptures have been translated!


The main character in the Hebrew Holy Scriptures is the Son of the Most High One since they are all about him. The Hebrew Holy Scriptures reveal his origin, his relationship with the Most High One, his scheduled visitation to earth from Heaven to save mankind from his sins, the value and power in his name, and all about his coming glory.


Because the Hebrew Holy Scriptures emanate from the Creator, all these revelations about the Son of the Most High One, dazzle with such wisdom and perfection as could only belong to or come from Him. So then, any infinitesimally little twist to any of the revelations of the Most High One about His Son, by mankind, renders the entire Holy Scriptures perverted, flawed, and devoid of its charm and saving power.


Sadly, this is what all translators of the Hebrew Holy Scriptures have only succeeded in doing to the holy Word of the Most High One?pervert, flaw, and take-away its saving power?in doing a job without the mandate, and thus, without the anointing of the Most High One.


The unique Hebrew name given by the Most High One to His Son, meant for him to eternally keep and to be known by, by all Creation, is all and everything about him. His persona, work, power, and glory, are all encapsulated in that unique name by the Most High One. And so, any little twist of this unique name renders everything about him perverted and thereby useless! Sadly, this is what all bible translators have succeeded in doing, by their translation of the unique Hebrew name, YESHUA HaMashiach to JESUS CHRIST!


The introduction of the English name JESUS CHRIST into the Holy Scriptures by bible translators, sets aside the wisdom, intents and purposes, value, power, and glory the Most High One established into the name YESHUA HaMashiach.


The coming of the name JESUS CHRIST?the false name given by mankind to the Savior?opened the way for the words CHRISTIAN and CHRISTIANS to be forced into the Holy Scriptures which are mentioned only in passing, without even attempting to define who these people are!


After failing to define who a CHRISTIAN is, translators failed even more abysmally to reveal to salvation seekers what CHRISTIANITY is. And hence the loud silence of the word?CHRISTIANITY?in their Bibles!


It is remarkable to note that the word ?CHRISTIANS? was first mentioned or known in Antioch?outside of Israel. And so CHRISTIANS were unknown in Israel in ALL the days of YESHUA HaMashiach and in the decades following his ascension to Heaven. CHRISTIANS cannot therefore be considered to bear any relationship with YESHUA HaMashiach, or that CHRISTIANITY has any bearing or relationship with the saving work of the Savior!


CHRISTIANS, therefore, are none of the Savior?s; and thus, are only deluded as being in the salvation which YESHUA HaMashiach, the only true Savior, has made available to mankind, in and by his sacrifice at Mt. Calvary!


All salvation seekers MUST know that the faith that was established by YESHUA HaMashiach is known as ?THE WAY?, and never as CHRISTIANITY. All who subscribed to this faith as the Savior?s disciples, were called the people of ?THE WAY? and never as CHRISTIANS (cf. Acts 9:2, 18:26, 19:9, 23, 22:4, 24:14, 22, KJV).


So then, it would not be correct to say it was CHRISTIANITY that was ever persecuted, but rather ?THE WAY? (Acts 19:23), or that CHRISTIANS were those killed by the wicked men of mankind?s so-called inquisition past, but rather the people of ?THE WAY?, who were.


In all of this, it is wise and safe to keep in remembrance that it is YESHUA HaMashiach who came from the Good Father, who is THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, without whom no one can get to the Father (John 14:6) and NOT JESUS CHRIST.


I suppose the issues raised in this short article are serious and weighty enough as to merit the attention of all professors of CHRISTIANITY. For me, as a watchman of the Most High One in these last days, I am dutifully blowing the trumpet to warn all mankind about the coming sword of the devourer (Ezekiel 33:6), and I pray the Most High One shows me mercy in my execution of this task. Shalom.


The writer is a Bible expositor and an author. His Website is: Facebook Page: chris.bapuohyele.

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