wpid-angry-cell-phone-woman.jpgThe loud ringing tone on my simple handy cell phone did not make fun for my friends to laugh at me.

Rather, the type of cell phone I pulled out from my side pocket to receive the call created the fun which sent my friends into frenzy.

?Hey my friend, where did you buy that phone, from a dollar store?? Throw that phone into a garbage bin and get a proper phone? as one of them waved his expensive iphone touch screen to tease me.

It all happened when I accepted to while away time at a near by Tim Horton?s coffee shop over a cup of coffee one Sunday evening and prepare for work the next day.

Usually we meet on weekends to share ideas as to how to make things work for he better for all of us.

Whiles having a discussion my flip cell phone device which was to them a cheap cell phone that could only be bought at dollar store compared to their touch screen phones rang.

But was it their business as to which cell phone device was it a dollar store phone or one thousand dollar apple smart phone that I was using? Exactly but that is beside the point.


By a simple definition, telephone can be said to be a system or device for transmitting voices, over a distance using wire or radio, by converting acoustic vibrations to electrical signals.

Another definition has it that telephone is a telecommunication device that permits two or more users to conduct a conversation when they are not in the same vicinity of each other to be heard directory.


Research has proven that telephone was first patented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell a British national and further developed by many others, which was first device in history that enabled people to talk directly with each other across large distances as the inventor placed the first New York to Chicago telephone call in 1892.

From centuries, the telecommunication device has seen a lot of improvement as a landline telephone was connected by a pair of wires to the telephone network. Now we have the mobile phones or cellular phones which are portable and communicate with the telephone network by radio transmission.


In particular, with the recent popularity of mobile phone use among young people and therefore a potentially longer lifetime of exposure, there was speculation that environmental exposure to radio frequency in cellular phones increases risk of concern.

Latest advisory on health risks associated with mobile phones and their stations, both the world heath organization and a French government expert group ANESS, said that there is health hazard from mobile phones emissions.


Here the expert group did not lay much emphasis on the type of cell phone that should be watched for the health hazard whether the expensive touch screen phone or dollar store flip phone.

But the fear of health hazard from mobile phone emissions becomes eminent due to the popularity of mobile phones use among the young people and therefore the potentially longer life time of exposure.

The dollar store flip phones are just to make a call and receive one or send a text message and also receive a message. But the expensive touch screen phones have all the programmes similar to that of a computer where one can record an event and within a minute send it across the world.

Because the touch screen phones have all these programmes such as recording camera, video monitor and internet accessibility, it has created the mad rush for iphones where no one now buys the flip phone.


It is true that longer life time of exposure of smart phones has resulted in marriage break ups, accidents; high rate of criminal activities and even death, there is potential high risk lovers of iphones expose themselves to that you do not know yet.

In the next article,? HAS YOUR PHONE BEEN BUGGED??, I will show you the potential risk and what to do in order not to become a victim of the spy war in this advanced telecommunication technology.



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