Celebrities Who Got Pregnant Out Of Wedlock




A long time ago, getting pregnant out of wedlock was a hard to live with disgrace, but now we?re living in a different world.

Being a single mother or getting pregnant before marriage is a trend now and many celebrities choose to get pregnant before getting married.

Let?s see who some of them are.


Shakira was not even engaged when she made the decision of getting pregnant. Shakira and her boyfriend, professional soccer player Gerard Pique, will become the parents of a baby boy later this month.

The singer broke up with Antonio de la Rua, the son of Argentina?s president Fernando de la Rua, in January of 2011, after being together for 11 years and shortly after she started to see Gerard Pique.


Kim Kardashian

Kanye West, the happy father to be, announced that Kim Kardashian is pregnant last month during one of his concerts, but he hasn?t said a word about a possible wedding.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been dating since the beginning of 2012.



British singer Adele and her boyfriend, Simon Konecki, became parents after Adele gave birth to baby boy in October of 2012. Adele, 24 years old, has been seeing Simon Konecki, 38 years old, for almost one year now.

Despite the rumors that Adele and Simon got married in secret before the baby was born, the couple has never confirmed a marriage officially.


Uma Thurman

Back in July of 2012, Uma gave birth to her third child and Arpad Busson?s first. Uma Thurman has two children with actor Ethan Hawke, with whom she was married from 1998 until 2004.

Uma Thurman was married with actor Gary Oldman from 1990 until 1992.

She and Arpad Busson have started dating in 2007. After getting separated for a while in 2009, they decided to get back together and start a family but they?re still not married.


Sienna Miller

Sienna gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last summer. Although she has a relationship with Tom Sturridge for more than one year now, the two have yet to get married.

Source : netquake.net

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