Anders Breivik planned to assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama


The accused Anders Behring Breivik sits in the courtroom during his hearing in Oslo, Norway, 06 February 2012. The Oslo court will decide whether Anders Breivik will be remanded in custody. On 22 July 2011 Breivik bombed the government buildings in Oslo, which resulted in eight deaths. He then carried out a mass shooting at a camp of the Workers’ Youth League (AUF) of the Labour Party on the island of Utoya where he killed 69 people, mostly teenagers. EPA/HEIKO JUNGE NORWAY OUT EPA/LISE ASERUD NORWAY OUT

Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, who committed a series of bombings in 2011 in Oslo, was planning an attack on U.S. President Barack Obama, declared the terrorist during interrogation.

Breivik aimed to kill Obama during his visit to Oslo in 2009, when the president received the Nobel Peace Prize.

The terrorist confessed that he was going to assassinate Obama using a car bombs. The same Anders Breivik is identified as “European anti-Marxist.”

Breivik has in his so-called manifesto claimed that he spent 300,000 euros on this operation. In the manifesto he also said he was successful businessman in Norway and abroad, and also have obtained substantial revenues that were never reported to authorities.

This he has continued during the initial questioning, where he, according to Dagbladet information has claimed that the terrorist attack has cost up to six million.

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