All Nations University College Embarks On Space Research


All Nations University College through it initiative has embarked on space research in space science and satellite technology as part of their overall educational goals and cornerstone of their objective to work with industry partners.

During the launching of the canSat by the ANUC intelligent space system laboratory the Founder And President of the ANUC Dr Samuel Donkor in his statement indicated that it was increasingly evident that the space science and satellite technology has already helped to addressed many of the challenges faced by developing countries which has brought great changes in telecommunications, navigation, military operations and weather predications.

He added that the experience gain from constructing a successfully launching of the canSat will provide an ideal opportunity to engage in early technology development and mission conceptualization with international researchers, which the space science intelligence is use to find out how best to manage farm production and to get the best yield by measuring electromagnetic radiation reflected from farmlands.

?Space science and satellite technology research is important, if not essential, investment for sustainable development for the continent of Africa, which there is the need to understand how space science can be used to address our national priorities and give a voice in the international space science technology community,? Dr Samuel Donkor added.

The Director of Ghana Space Center Dr Kofi Ashilevi elaborated that the space centres was established by the government to take advantage of the numerous challenges affecting the country, this technology is been empowered demonstrating through the canSat.

He noted that space science technology cuts across the economy so there is the need for students to specialize themselves in this field they should not neglect science or shy away from it, urging other universities to take part in this course.

Taking his turn the lecturer in charge of space satellite at the ANUC Mr Malfred averred that they are determine to train the young engineers and to be of help to other developing countries, ?by the next six months we will be witnessing space satellite in a real time data.? He highlighted that they needed support from resources in terms of finances to bush the project forward, by managing natural disasters, detect oil spillage.

?Let us support and promote the advancement of this technology of our dear nation.?

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