Advanfort negotiates bail for 33 guards arrested


AdvanfortAdvanfort has managed to negotiate the bail of 33 of their 35 guards who were arrested in the Indian Ocean while working on the company’s vessel, the Seaman Guard Ohio. This comes after the company’s fifth time trying to make bail for their crew members. This comes after the company spent months negotiating for the release of the prisoners. All crew members were released except for the Master and Tactical Deployment Officer.

?The detainees will have to return to court to find out the?release conditions, but Advanfort expects to remove every condition, and quash all charges. Acting President Ahmed (AL) Farajallah said in a statement today, “We have been working day and night to ensure the release of the Seaman Guard Ohio crew members from prison, and we expect to have all arrangements in place for the bail.” He continued, “I spent the whole day calling all the family members to inform them of the good news. We’re all excited.”

They were arrested for entering Indian territorial waters, although the vessel Master maintains that they were in international waters. Marine experts argue that a vessel might have drifted due to winds factor, as there was a nearby cyclone storm at that time, but this should have been treated as force majuer.

AdvanFort?s country representative, Thomas Chacko, is already in India to coordinate and ensure bail is posted, and to that the proper medical and transportation accommodations are provided for the released crew and guards.

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