A married high school teacher locked her student in a classroom and then raped him, police said.

Jennifer Vigil, 31, allegedly pounced on her now 18-year-old victim as he handed in work March 22 at Pojoaque Valley High School in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

?You?re not leaving until I get something from you,? she reportedly threatened him.

He said he refused to have intercourse but agreed to let her perform oral sex so he could leave ? taking a cellphone picture of the act which he later handed to police as evidence.

They then had sex some days later after Vigil dismissed a science class.

Vigil ? married since July 2009 ? told cops the ?relationship? was consensual and says the student made the first move.

But he claims he found the whole incident ?disgusting.?

With Vigil ? who has worked at the school for eight years ? in a position of authority, however, her act has been deemed illegal by Santa Fe police.

Police are working to determine whether there any allegations the teacher had sex with the student before he turned 18, according to KRQE .

She has been suspended from her job and faces two counts of criminal sexual penetration of a student and is being held on $25,000 bond.

Source: NY Daily News



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