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Woman Deceived Man Into Marriage Only To Have An Ugly Baby.

A Man Sued his Wife for Being Ugly and Won

Northern China resident Jian Feng was married to a pretty girl. Things were going well. They got pregnant, and a baby girl was born. It wasn’t, as it turns out, a beautiful baby girl. In fact, she was really ugly. Jian didn’t understand it. He was an OK-looking guy, his wife was gorgeous, so why was this baby so dog-ugly? His wife must have cheated on him! With an ugly guy! How dare she?

Desperate to prove that she’d been faithful, Jian’s wife showed him a picture of herself – PRIOR to her extensive plastic surgery. Uggo! Oh no! Jian freaked out, divorced his wife, and SUED her for $120,000. And guess what? HE WON. He filed a lawsuit that his wife had been deceptive and gotten him to marry her under false pretenses (so much for looking within a person to fall in love) so he WON.

Not only did the woman pay $100,000 for the surgery to make her pretty, she had to pay $120,000 to a guy who apparently only loved her for the looks she paid for. Oh well, at least she has her ugly baby to keep her company.

Source : unberfact

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