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What Is The Ideal Vagina?

THE IDEAL vagina


There is no such thing as an ‘abnormal’ vagina although it should be the priority of every woman to have a healthy vagina.THE IDEAL VAGINA IS THE HEALTHY ONE. Probably the odds of your vagina being different from that of your friend is slim;differences only occur if the pubic hair is colored styled or shaved.

The ideal vagina should be odorless and a self cleaning organ,so if your vagina smells very bad then it is caused by something other than the vagina. That is why douching,( the act of washing or cleaning the vagina with water or any other mixture) really does not affect the vagina that much although it does remove ‘little’ bad bacteria away.

Nonetheless,it removes more good bacteria( lactobacilli (with PH 3.8-4.5)-same bacteria contained in yoghurt) away and could even cause inflammation(vaginitis).It is suggested you clean only the outside twice a day with COLD water and after bowel movement,ideally.

I do understand the various genital discomfort most women experience, but it is always ideal to use a condom during sex and opt for cotton ahead of nylon and less knickers since the vagina and or the anus mostly need a breathing space.

Changing sanitary pads more often also helps to experience the ideal vagina with less or no odor during menses.

The ideal size and shape is mostly debated is normal to have your vagina spaced out if you are a fat lady but it does not mean the entrance is big.In fact,fat ladies mostly have tighter entrance than the slim ladies mostly.But if you feel you are tight,you should concentrate on the foreplay and get well psyched to ensure you become wet.If after that you still feel pains during sex,then it is an infection and you should see your doctor although my personal experience suggest it is sometimes caused by ‘condom use’ (you might try entry without a condom to see if it works). From this, you should deduce that you must be able to take whatever your man has if you take time and work on your body.

IDEAL VAGINAAbout the discharges,if you treat the vagina well,your discharge should contain water,albumin-the most copious protein in the human body- a few lost white blood cells , and mucin,the oily matter that gives the vagina and cervix their greasy sheen.It is never true that discharges are toxic waste product of the body in sense of urine and faeces.

If you follow these basic rules,you should have the ideal vagina and be comfortable when your man wants to lick you.From experience, most ladies do not feel comfortable beneath when their man wants to go there.If you do have the ideal vagina,you should be more comfortable there than even the mouth,thus be more wiling to take anything from your man.



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