Haitian security forces have attacked hundreds of protesters who were out on the streets of the capital to show their dissatisfaction with high fuel prices.

The demonstrators took to the streets in the capital, Port-au-Prince, on Thursday, urging Haitian President Michel Martelly to step down.

The protesters also called for further cuts to fuel prices despite two recent reductions, including a drop in gas prices from USD 4.75 a gallon to just over USD four.

However, the demonstration turned violent after a number of protesters set cars ablaze in the streets, prompting police to fire tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the large crowd.

Students and other protesters have warned of more rallies if gasoline prices are not lowered following the worldwide slump in oil prices.

Meanwhile, opposition politicians accuse Martelly of holding onto power and forcing a political deadlock by creating delays in legislative and municipal elections.

The president took office in May 2011 and is due to leave next year.

A larger protest is planned for Saturday, with organizers urging businesses to close and people from all sectors to participate in the rally.


Source: Presstv.com


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