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Get the best Black Friday deals

 VelodyneShopping for the best tech gadgets during the holidays used to be a lot easier. Armed with advertising circulars from their favorite stores and maybe a turkey sandwich made with Thanksgiving leftovers, American consumers could navigate Black Friday with as much ease as they had the patience to conjure.

Not anymore. The sales start earlier these days, often forcing penny pinchers to weigh their shopping needs against their desire to be with the family on Thanksgiving Day. Americans are routinely injured – even killed – in the feeding frenzy that erupts the moment stores open their doors. And Cyber Monday has emerged as a possibly better – but just as difficult to navigate – option to the traditional Black Friday sales. With all the advertisements and come ons from retailers, winning the holiday shopping war has become as complicated as the plays called in the annual Thanksgiving Day NFL football games.

We’re here to help. Together with and, Yahoo Shopping has put together a game plan for the brave holiday shopper. You’ll find great deals on quality electronics, as well as insider tips on how to make the most of Black Friday deals. Most of the items on our list are below the $200 price point – save for an excellent tablet by Samsung, a Sharp HDTV we think is a great deal for the money and a truly stellar set of headphones by Velodyne that are worth every penny. As always, check the Yahoo Shopping page for all your holiday shopping needs.


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