US experts who would be partnering their Ghanaian security counterparts to fully investigate the causes of fire outbreaks in Ghana?s major markets,  are expected to arrive in the country on Tuesday evening.

This would be in fulfillment of President Mahama?s resolve to get to the root causes of the fire outbreaks that had destroyed goods and other property running into millions of Ghana Cedis.

Mr Felix Quakyi-Ofusu, Deputy Minister for Information and Media Relations, announced these during the daily media briefings at the Flagstaff House, Kanda, Accra, on Tuesday.

President John Dramani Mahama a week ago promised to bring in American fire investigation experts to complement their Ghanaian counterparts to find out the causes of fire outbreaks in Ghana?s major markets over the years.

Apart from finding out the causes of the fire outbreaks, the experts would make recommendations that would help the country to avoid the recurrence of such unfortunate situations in the country.

Mr Quakyi-Ofusu said government was committed to ensuring that the livelihoods of Ghanaians were not affected by disasters in subsequent years, and would, therefore, tap knowledge from all avenues to achieve that goal.

On the formation of the inter-ministerial taskforce on illegal mining, the Deputy Minister said the President would soon visit some of the affected areas to have first hand information on the challenges facing people in those areas.

He said government would do everything possible to eliminate illegal mining, and called on Ghanaians to play meaningful roles to eradicate the practice.

Mr Quakyi-Ofosu said government would deal with the issues and culprits irrespective of their nationalities.

Source: GNA


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