On Friday May 1st, 2015, YooMee Africa, a high-speed mobile Internet provider operating the only commercial LTE network in C?te d?Ivoire, launched a new service: YooMee Night, an unlimited Internet service available from 11:00pm until early morning.

UntitledThe goal of the new service is to allow active and attentive users with limited financial means to enjoy all types of surfing and downloading without limitation. The unlimited offer costs less than US$ 2 per night, or less than US$ 9 for a whole week. With this move, the popularization of high-speed Internet finally becomes a reality in the region.
Half of the population of bidjan, the capital city of C?te d?Ivoire, is below 20 years of age. The city has some 200?000 University students. While students in Europe and the USA are spending up to 50% of their studying time online, YooMee Night now opens the Internet at a very affordable price to students in C?te d?Ivoire; allowing them to use e-learning and regular search functions to complete their curriculum as well as to enjoy entrainment and online gaming.

Consumers of YooMee services can either buy scratch cards in one of the many points of sales in Abidjan, or use PayPal, VISA or Mastercard to pay for YooMee services.

In recent months, YooMee continues to strengthen its position in C?te d?Ivoire by offering an innovative service ensuring its customers have the best available internet.
Yann Le Guen, Managing Director of YooMee C?te d?Ivoire, announced, “We want to work for all market segments at the same excellent quality – from the low-income student to the well-earning corporation. I am proud that YooMee is again at the forefront of innovation and contributes to the regional development.?

The Company is a broadband operator based in Zurich, Switzerland, offering wireless mobile internet connectivity with outstanding quality in sub-Saharan Africa. YooMee currently operates in Cameroon and C?te d?Ivoire.


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