In Mineola, New York, a mentally disturbed mother who drowned her three young children in a bathtub is set to appear in court to ask for a piece of the kids? $350,000 estate.

Ruled on Thursday, 33-year-old Leatrice Brewer will leave an upstate psychiatric facility to appear in front of Judge Edward McCarty at Nassau County Surrogate?s court next month to testify about her request for the money.

In February 2008, Brewer admitted to drowning her three children, ages 1, 5 and 6 in a bathtub located in her apartment in New Cassel, Long Island.

She then placed their lifeless bodies on a bed and attempted to kill herself by consuming a number of household cleaning products.

When Brewer?s attempt to poison herself failed, she jumped out of her second-storey window. She too survived that incident.

Psychiatrists determined Brewer suffered from a major depressive disorder. Allegedly, Brewer killed her children in attempt to protect them from the fatal effects of voodoo. The mentally ill mother did not face trial on three murder counts involving the children?s deaths. She instead pleaded not responsible by reason of mental insanity.

Brewer currently lives in a state psychiatric hospital. She will be released when psychiatrists declare she is no longer mentally ill.

The case is set to establish a precedent in New York and if Brewer succeeds in the win, she will not be able to collect the money because of a $1.2 million lien against her for counseling and other services provided for her while under arrest.

Brewer?s attorney says Brewer shouldn?t be condemned to the New York?s Son of Sam Law, which was designed to prevent criminals from financially profiting from their crimes (i.e. selling books about their convictions or creating movies).

Although Judge McCarthy acknowledged the law involving Brewer?s case, Brewer?s attorney noted that Brewer was never convicted and the law shouldn?t apply to her.

Brewer is set to appear in court November 6th.

Earlier this year, the father of Brewer?s 1-year-old son, Innocent Demesyeux and 5-year-old Michael Demesyeux, filed a lawsuit against the county. His case was settled for $250,000.

The father of Brewer?s 6-year-old daughter Jewell Ward, also settled out of court for $100,000.

The judge is mentally disturbed himself if she decides to give her that money.



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