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The African Story Challenge is Worth $1M

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wpid-7-MILLION-U-S-DOLLARS-FOUND-ON-ABUBAKAR1-1024x682.jpgThe African Story Challenge is a new $1 million programme of reporting grants to encourage innovative, multi-media storytelling that aims to improve the health and prosperity of Africans.
Aim of The African Story Challenge
The African Story Challenge is a two-year pan-African project that seeks to challenge the media to expand coverage of fundamental issues that matter to Africans. Our goal is to contribute to the building of a strong media sector able to deliver content that matters to the African public.
We aim to inspire a bold form of journalism that seeks solutions and uses innovative, digital and data-driven storytelling tools and techniques.
In doing so the project aims to hold leaders accountable, spur better policies, increase transparency, encourage public engagement and disseminate vital information that will lead to more vibrant communities.
The Competition Has Five Themes
    Agriculture and Food security
    Diseases: Prevention and Treatment
    My Africa 2063
    Maternal and Child Health
    Business and Technology
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The African Story Challenge is Worth $1M