Apart from the 120 different nationals of Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid descent, who live and work at The Synagogue Church of all Nations, thousands also throng this wonder on earth every week to behold the man in The Synagogue, Prophet T.B Joshua.


It is from these nationals that the four ?wise men?, namely,? Wiseman Harry from Greece, Wiseman Racine Bousso from Senegal, Wiseman Christopher Orji from Nigeria and Wiseman Daniel Emelandu, also from Nigeria, emerged as subordinates, but equally anointed men of God to Prophet? Joshua.
This move is seen worldwide as one of the biggest achievements of the church apart from the miracles which even the Wisemen perform. And till date, the church remains a spectacle in Nigeria.
In one of its releases, under the gangling former DG,? Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation, Otunba Segun Runsewe, stated that over 60,000 people from all over the world come to The Synagogue every year on scheduled visits. Every week, guests from all over the world come in groups and batches for some sort of pilgrimage at The Synagogue. Sandra Du Pliss?s, from South Africa, told our correspondent that whenever she wants to feel heaven, she comes to Synagogue in Nigeria. Her opinion, you may say, but there are several others like her who we encountered at The Synagogue.

Visiting The Synagogue is not a bed of roses; it starts by the intending ?pilgrim? sending an e-mail to the church for approval. Some get approved while others don?t. On approval, the visitor pays up front for his food, accommodation. At the supermarket and the bookstore at The Synagogue, the Dollar is a legal tender. Airport bus shuttle, intra city transportation, visits to the Prayer Mountain and the church, seminars and workshops are part of the excursion.

Talking about the Prayer Mountain, it is a resort completely tucked away from the church at Agodo Egbe. It is a swampy area which has now been dredged and is navigable. While clearing the place, the animals in the bush and the fish in the water were left to live normally in their natural habitat.

So, the tourists who come to this place feed the monkeys in the forest, roll on the white sand at the waterfront and generally feel the touch of nature while seeking spiritual answers to their numerous questions. At any point in time, it is not uncommon to see a squatting Thai, an American, South Africans, Koreans and some other Europeans and South Americans strolling up and down the superlative edifice known as The Synagogue Church of All Nations.



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