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William Nicholas Gomes

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Re: Shahbag Square protest: A real travesty of Justice


Dear Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,

I am William Nicholas Gomes, a Bangladeshi citizen, Human Rights Activist and Journalist.

I am writing to share my concern about the Shahbag Square protest, which is a real travesty of Justice.

The protest is a part of continuous mockery of justice which had started by forming the controversial International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) by your government.

The controversial ICT had already got media fame for its monkey trials.

I do and will continue my support for a successful legal and judicial process that is fair and impartial to bring to justice those responsible for serious human rights abuses in 1971.

I oppose the death penalty in all circumstances as an inherently cruel and unusual form of punishment and a violation of fundamental human rights.

Earlier on January 2013, ICT by a monkey trail has sentenced Abul Kalam Azad to death by hanging. I share my concern that the trial did not meet all the criteria of a fair trial and due process.

On another monkey trial on February 5, 2013, the ICT sentenced Abdul Quader Mollah, a leader of Jamaat to life imprisonment.

Later on so called blogger activists by the direct facilitation, protection and promotion of your government are protesting for the death penalty of Abdul Quader Mollah.

Your government did not washed her hand by forming a monkey tribunal and performing monkey trials, where real monkeys are the judges and the victim is justice.

The ICT had successfully done several miscarriages of justice. You and your government had celebrated on that.

Shahbag Square protest is a continuation of the process, where your government wants to wash down the existence of rule of law and justice from Bangladesh.

I want let you know that Shahbag Square protest is a real travesty of Justice.

You are expert on making the mockery of justice , you had done it by hanging Major (Rtd.) Bazlul Huda, Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd.) Mohiuddin Ahmed, Major (Rtd.) A.K.M. Mohiuddin Ahmed, Colonel (Rtd.) Syed Faruque Rahman and Colonel (Rtd.) Sultan Shahriar Rashid Khan? on 28 January 2010.

Your father, Mujib?s extreme nationalism slowly turned into fascism. Mujib had sharply shifted setting a totalitarian system of Government and setup one-party state. He ?had left no place for democracy.

Mujib had setup BAKSAL, now you are following the same way , you had left no place for democracy and? Shahbag Square protest is the beginning and this protest? and your loyal protestors who had no respect for the rule of law and democracy will wash down existence of rule of law and ?democracy from the country.

Your dictator father Mujib was very critical on any criticism against him and similarly you are.

Your father is responsible of 40000 killings by his Rakkhi Bahini. And you are responsible for the killings of uncounted by the Rapid Action battalion and other law enforcement agencies during your ruling.

Abdur Razzaq, a senior lawyer who heads many of the war crimes trials, has been harassed, threatened with criminal charges. Your government did not stooped by doing such heinous act.

Your government has now plotted the Shahbag Square protest.

I want to remind you by 1974, several thousand local politicians had paid their lives for their defiance or for not supporting Mujibar Rahman. During that time the climate of fear and terror gripped in Bangladesh.

Many political leaders were killed by the Rakhi Bahini , who were rural leaders who had defeated Awami league candidates in the local polls that followed the parliamentary election.

You are following the foot step of Mujibar Rahman, like father, like daughter!

When the whole nation has rejected your government for mass corruption .When the main opposition party BNP and their main alliance country?s largest Islamist political party, Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami ?has gained the popular support, you had used your law enforcement agencies to torture their political activists, jailed them, many of them were killed in the day light and you?re the monkey court had followed your directions.

The Nation is going back, the same climate of fear and terror has gripped the whole Bangladesh.

I want to remind you Mujib intended to convert the country into a personal freedom for himself and his family members, and became the real threat to the nation?s ?democratic? future?.

I want to warn you, Sheikh Hasina ! You are a real threat to the nation?s democracy. You are using Shahbag Square protest to create climate of fear and terror.

I am warning you Sheikh Hasina! Stop making mockery of justice!

Shahbag Square protest had obviously created climate of fear and terror but that terror will not be able to stop the repetition of history.

Yours sincerely,

William Nicholas Gomes

Human Rights Activist and Journalist

80/B Bramon Chiron, Saydabad,

Dhaka-1203, Bangladesh .




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