The Portuguese government has approved two law amendments banning the sale of all alcohol to youngsters under 18 years and smoking in indoor public places, according to local media reports on Friday.


The law amendments were made public after a weekly cabinet meeting on Thursday.
The previous law on alcohol sale in force since 2013 allows youngsters aged 16 or 17 to purchase beer and wine.
The new law on smoking bans electronic cigarettes containing nicotine and smoking in areas with service in all types of restaurants, cafes and bars, including in concert venues and cinemas, casinos, bingo halls, games rooms and other places that host non-artistic shows.
“With this change, this new legislation allows for better controls and a clearer message in public places and in access to drinks by adolescents,” said Health Minister Paul Macedo at a news conference after the meeting.
According to the new law on smoking, cigarette packaging has the text warnings with pictures aimed at dissuading people from smoking and the elimination of “subjective” descriptive words such as “light”. Tobacco products with distinctive aromas such as menthol are also banned.
However, the new law allows a period of five years for smoking in indoor public places with air extract systems as was specified in the previous law implemented since eight years ago. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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