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Pascaline Edwards confesses


Veteran actress, Pascaline Edwards, has revealed that she once had a deep kiss with her cousin.

Pascaline made this strange revelation when she was interviewed on ETV’s Late Night Celebrity Show last night – Friday 7th Feb, 2014. On the said programme, the issue of kissing came up into their discourse.

It was at that point that Pascaline Edward revealed that she kisses very well and that she once kissed her own cousin. How possible? The host of the show asked, only for Pascaline to reveal that her cousin is celebrated actor, Majid Michel.

“So far I’ve kissed two men passionately in movies, Fiifi Coleman and my cousin Majid Michel” Pascaline revealed. Asked how she did it and felt at it, Pascaline said ‘well, I kissed him well but it is not real. The viewer sees it very real but to me, as much as it was very deep, I felt nothing” Pascaline added.

Pascaline also went further to disclose that her husband does not mind her kissing in movies. She said if the husband finds her kissing in movies offensive, they wouldn’t have been able to marry for 10 years now. ‘I did it for the money. Why, because he is my relative I shouldn’t have done it? It’s my job!” Pascaline concluded.

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