Morocco Is Investing In Africa’s Future

unnamed (5)Regional integration is seen as a rational response to the difficulties faced by Africa with many small national markets and landlocked countries. As a result, Morocco is in the process of ? concluding with a very large number of West African countries regional integration arrangements characterized by ambitious targets. ? An integration agenda that includes services, investment and other social and religious cooperation that will definitely have direct impact on the population of West Africa. ?Morocco and and since the ascendance of King Mohammed VI ?to the throne has prioterized cooperation with many countries in West Africa. ?For Morocco, this part of the African continent??could offer big rewards to Moroccan investors.
? Through close cooperation within a win win partnership, West Africa is starting to ? fix its endemic economic problems. Profits should start to flow and stock markets will rise. ?Thist argument is now rapidly gaining ground ? and more investment opportunities are opening up for Moroccan investors.?The private sector is becoming a broader part of the economy and financial markets are opening up.
Morocco will continue to rely on South-South cooperation to support its economic diplomacy. Strategic partnerships were concluded with Mali, Cote d’ivoire, Guinea Conakry and Gabon. ?Those are only the beginning of a long-term economic strategy to get back to the suitable position Morocco occupies in the African diplomatic landscape. To reinforce its economic leverage in the area, Morocco is settling human and social development projects. The private sector participation is also a relevant asset of its policy.
Morocco Royal diplomacy will continue to reinforce its strong commitment in the African continent to develop bilateral relations with sub-Saharan Africa , through effective contribution to the actions of the Community of Sahel-Saharan States , CEN -SAD , and strengthen relationship with the African sub- regional organizations , particularly the African organizations in the West and Central Africa
These three elements highlight the great turning of the Moroccan diplomacy. This will result in a very active return on African land where spiritual and strategic ties that bind much of sub-Saharan Africa to the Kingdom of Morocco . Morocco?s objective is of course to defend its vital interests especially when it comes to rally on its territorial unity but most important is its honest and growing keen interest to give a new impetus to the African political and economic development. A role that the world community would like Morocco to assume and play fully. Above all, that is great news for Africans: As we the world has seen across so much of Asia, economic growth has accomplished what decades of well-meaning development efforts failed to do, lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty. If that happens in Africa, the world will be transformed.
Africa is a great story and I wouldn’t be surprised if it beat Asia in terms of economic growth over the next five years.
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