Mon, Jul 1st, 2013

Mandela’s Funeral Service To Be Held At Westminster Abbey?

westminster abbeyNelson Mandela may become the first non-Briton to be honoured in a memorial service at Westminster Abbey, as his family battle in court over where he is to be buried.

An abbey official said discussions were ongoing between British authorities and the South African high commission to hold a ceremony after Mr Mandela’s death.

Sixteen Mandela family members have won a court order for the return of remains of three of Mr Mandela’s children to Qunu, where the anti-apartheid leader lived as a boy. He had expressed a wish to be buried next to his children there.

The move is opposed by Mandla Mandela, a tribal chief and Mr Mandela’s oldest grandson.

”The way we are handling these matters is contrary to our customs and a deep disappointment to my grandfather,” Mandla Mandela said. ”We as a family [should] avoid actions and decisions that will infringe on the dignity of my grandfather.”

Source: Telegraph

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Mandela’s Funeral Service To Be Held At Westminster Abbey?