Thu, Oct 25th, 2012

Is Now Out In The Open Obama’s Pending Divorce Plan.

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OBAMA and wife two decades ago

The saying that no secret remains a secret forever is about to play a significant role in the lives and ambition of the American first family, as the race to the White House election heat up.

US business mogul Donald Trump, according to credible sources, is about to claim that he has found divorce papers of President Barack Obama and wife Michelle.

It is alleged by an analyst, Douglas Kass, that Trump will claim that the documents ‘show the First Lady and the President were at one point in their two decades of marriage seriously considering splitting up’.

Trump announced on Monday that he was set to make an announcement on Wednesday that would be ‘bordering on gigantic’ and that it would ‘possibly’ change the Presidential race. gathered that Trump is more favourable to Obama losing the presidential election to Mitt Romney, his fellow businessman and candidate of the Republican party.

Source : AFP

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Is Now Out In The Open Obama’s Pending Divorce Plan.