?GOD bless our homeland Ghana,and make our nation great and strong,bold to defend for ever the cause of our freedom and of our rights???These are the opening lines of the Ghanaian national anthem that binds us together as a people and a country seen to be a beacon of democracy ,freedom and justice.

The Oxford dictionary defines a beacon as a bright light or fire that shines in the dark ,and is used as a signal to warn people against danger or to show them the way somewhere.Meanwhile,democracy is defined as a system of government in which people vote in elections to CHOOSE the people who will govern them.

The Ghana 2012 general elections are over,but for the first time in the history of Ghana,the outcomes are grossly being disputed by millions of Ghanaians who painstakingly exercised their franchise amidsts fustrations from the electoral commission of Ghana .For the first time,all political parties ,including the biggest opposition political party;the New Patriotic Party(N.P.P),have raised red flags citing gross anomalies ,irregularities,electoral violations on the part of the electoral commission ,??flawed elections??and ?widespread rigging?? amongst many others which characterized the 2012 Ghana general elections,which went in favour of the governing party,the National Democratic Congress(N.D.C).

The Representation of The People?s Amendment Bill(ROPAB) of Ghanaians living abroad? called for the arrest of Dr.Afari Gyan,the electoral commissioner who superintended over such ?highly controversial and flawed elections ?.The electoral commissioner,failed to account for 241,000 claimed registered voters of ROPAB,being able to account for only 705 out of the 241,000,therefore calling for his immediate arrest .The electoral commissioner himself have admitted so many errors cited by the petitioners at the highest supreme court of Ghana,and this has called for the increasing millions of Ghanaians calling for justice! the respondents have also said the petioners have no case.Ghana since the 1957 independence have travelled far the line of her democracy.The world is asking”is Ghana really a beacon of democracy ,freedom n justice?.As a peaceloving country,we have talked peace,and its time to act peace! As Youths,we must be used as instruments of peace and note that no politician is worth dying for.And our politicians must accept the outcome of the verdict no matter where it falls,for the peace of mind for all of us!? Arguably,Ghana is the only biggest family in the world made up of brothers and sisters! and that is why we have one mother called Ama.As we call for justice and peace,..i wish Ghana a happy verdict.


Article by:?Abena-Sika

Member, communications team


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