He has succeeded in banging all my friends, what now ?


I?m engaged to a man who has dated at least six of my friends. I?ve lived abroad since I was 16 and only returned to Nigeria last year. Apparently he?s one of hottest bachelors on the Island [in Lagos] and has been around and sl?pt with a lot of these women.
It was after we got engaged that I started to find out about all his escapes with these ladies. Some of them even made sure to tell me about their past tryst with him?
I?m worried that the man I am about to marry has slept with a lot of my friends. I don?t know how to handle it or handle the girls. Anytime we are all together, it?s always awkward or the girls act too familiar with him. It leaves me very uncomfortable.
I am definitely going ahead with the wedding, but I just don?t know how to handle the situation.

What should I do?

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  1. Many men have dated a lot of women that, although they are no longer intimate with them, they still meet in favorite haunts. Big Question: DOES HE CLAIM YOUR RELATIONSHIP PROUDLY TO THE WORLD? Does he push them away verbally and physically if need be when they disrespect you or his relationship with you by being suggestive or bringing up old stuff when you are present? DOES-HE-CLAIM-AND-PROTECT YOU!? Simple question that has a simple answer. If yes, you may be the one he will cherish through the long years. If he just stands around (and not his ground) grinning and preening, RUN LIKE HELL! Do not pass go with this fella! His ego and antics will continue into your marriage and you will find yourself living a life and marriage filled with uncertainty and misery and THAT wears down what appears to be a beautiful, free-spirited soul— YOU!


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