Thu, Feb 21st, 2013

Hans Onuku Says T.B. Joshua Saved Him From Drug Addiction And Mental Problems

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Hans Onuku

Hans Onuku

Onuku, an actor and former addict tells how TB Joshua rescued him from alcohol, drugs and the mental problems that plagued him for many years in a recent interview.

Hanks battled alcohol and drug addiction for years and his mental state deteriorated over time. The former SA to Delta governor, Uduaghan, who has since relocated to Ghana tells his story…

“Yes I got my healing through TB Joshua. It is our Lord’s doing. I never believe in miracles until this happened to me. I was having issues with mentality for over seven years, you will notice I have not been that frequent in movies for long.

Even when I was special assistant to our dear governor, I was not in a good state of mind and this affected my work in the government before I was advised to seek for solution in Ghana.

I spent so much money visiting hospitals, orthodox and unorthodox doctors without positive result. Until I was introduced to TB Joshua. I was only watching his TV programme in Ghana and was healed. I put my faith into it just like the woman with the issue of blood and knew that I would be healed and I got my healing.

I am now a mentally stable man. I have dropped drinking and smoking habit, glory be to God.”

Source: naijagossip

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Hans Onuku Says T.B. Joshua Saved Him From Drug Addiction And Mental Problems