No right thinking Ghanaian is happy with the reports of massive corrupt practices and naked stealing in government establishments. The use of ghost names to siphoned large sums of money from the National Service Secretariat in only one month seems to be a tip of the iceberg. The many state establishments? dotted across Ghana need to be examined properly on this issue. When done properly the nation might discover more rots in the system. Before the BNI made the big discovery of the rot at the National Service Secretariat many ghost names through which some people stole money from government coffers were weeded off the government payroll at the accountant generals department. However No one can tell which of the government establishments have stolen governments? money in the past or currently. The siphoning of money in governments establishments could be traced to various factors one of which is poor record keeping. Because the nation does not have reliable databases in all its establishments with good records of employees there is the need for a pragmatic action to deal with issue.

There is the need for the Right To Information Bill to passed by our parliament into law as soon as possible. The parliamentary select committee working on the bill has done a good review of the bill with the help of the Coalition of the Right to Information. When the bill is passed into law the implementing agency or ministry must move quickly to establish information desks in all government establishments to work out a mechanism of creating accurate data bases of employees in all establishments with their designations and salary and service conditions spelled out properly. Before then all establishments should be sensitized to appreciate the importance of helping to maintain accurate databases. To have periodic checks on the establishments there would be the need to strengthen the monitoring and evaluation of the establishments to make sure that only active employees of the establishments are paid for the work they do. Besides that there is the need for the establishments to be given regular re-orientation lessons by technocrats with the help of National Commission for Civic Education and religious leaders.

This way, majority of the executive officers and employees of government establishment would have to learn to be honest to themselves and the nation. They must be made to know that it is easy to use dubious means to steal the tax payers? money. However they must be made to know the consequences of their actions. The perpetrators of the crimes must know that their actions that lead to loss of huge monies to the state could land them in jail or hefty fines. They must know that even if they are not apprehended they would be punished by God Almighty in the hereafter. Every church or mosque going persons must know the consequences of their actions. They must therefore desist from actions that would find them wanting on earth and in the hereafter.

Source: By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai


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