Thu, Feb 21st, 2013

Ghana’s Tourism Sector To Receive Economic Boost

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Kakum Park

Kakum Park

President John Dramani Mahama said on Thursday government was committed to using tourism as an instrument for the full realization of the economic potential of the culture and creative arts.

He said the newly aligned Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Creative Arts would facilitate the interface between government, implementing bodies in tourism, culture and the creative industries as well as international and civil society partners.

The President said this when he delivered his State of the Nation in Parliament.

He said the National Commission on Culture was undergoing restructuring as the government’s lead implementing and advisory body on culture and creative arts adding that the Ghana Tourism Authority would be similarly transformed.

“Government will allocate funds to the sector, while reactivating the Culture Trust Fund together with our civil society partners in the culture sector” he added.

President Mahama said the government would in the very short term facilitate the holding of a donors’ conference on resource mobilization for the development of culture and creative arts.

Source: GNA

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Ghana’s Tourism Sector To Receive Economic Boost