Ghana Cattle Farmers Association Opens Doors To All


At long last the long planed inauguration of Ghana Cattle Farmers Association has come to pass at the Bay View Hotel in Weija of Greater Accra Region with a call to all cattle farmers to join the association and see it as a national one but not of Fulani?s.

Speaking to the press in an exclusive interview, Mr. Hanafi Sunde who is the Chairman of the Association said the association and ethnic Fulani are deferent entity which Ghanaians must know. Mr. Hanafi Sunde explained that it is only cattle owners who form the association and therefore membership does not base on ethnic line.

He noted that, ?someone in a smock, in a Zongo dressing and Moslem dressing doesn?t constitute to be a member of that group of people or their region.?

He maintained the fact that it is Ghana National Association of cattle farmers and therefore appealed to all cattle owners across the country being big or small, Fulani or not, to register their membership at the association offices across the country.

Speaking to the press later, a member of the association and a land developer at Kasoa in the Central Region, Alhaji Bashiru aka (Mandela) who is non ? Fulani tribe told the press that the association would also be used to crack down all forms of robbery suspected to be Fulani herdsmen.

According to Alhaji Bashiru, the owners of the animals are aware that some disgruntled people use some herdsmen as scape goat in robbery for their own selfish gains.? This situation, he said is very dangerous to the cattle owners because the robbers don?t spare them. Thousands of cows have been stolen just this year in some cases the robbers condone and connive with the herdsmen and in certain cases Robb two to three kraals.

He cited a case before Wa High court where two hundred and forty seven cows belonging to one Alhaji Sheiko were stolen leaving the man in a poor state of affairs. He said the situation of Alhaji Sheiko is so bad that, it is easy to commit suicide.

It is to this end that Alhaji Bashiru is appealing to all cattle owners to join the association which is aiming to protect the animals by collaborating with the security agencies.

He has also given a word to those herdsmen who condone and connive with the robbers to put a halt to it. He has suggested to the leadership of Ghana cattle farmers association to register all herdsmen in the country.





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