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Ghana Boxing Authority Board Dissolved has exclusively reported that the current Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) Board headed by Samir Captan has been dissolved effective January 9, 2013.
Quoting a letter from the National Sports Council signed by the Acting Director-General, said the current 7-member GBA has been dissolved and have consequently been directed to hand over the administration of the fistic sport in this country to Secretary General R.O. Lamptey by next Wednesday, January 9.
Accordingly, a 3-member interim management committee will be formed by the National Sports Council to within 90 days oversee and supervise a congress of all Ghanaian boxing stakeholders to eventually elect a President and Board of Directors to steer the affairs of the sport in Ghana.
Reliable sources indicate that Secretary General R.O. Lamptey will head the 3-member interim management team with other members possibly chosen between outgoing Vice President, Jonas Ahene Truly, renowned Referee / Judge J.A. Annan and boxing financier Henry Manly-Spain, all members of the outgoing Board.
Effectively it brings to an end the incumbent.administration chaired by experienced boxing enthusiast, promoter and administrator, Samir Captan who boasts over 40 years dedication to the development and promotion of the sport in this country and who significantly nurtured the great Azumah Nelson. Other members of the dissolved Board of course are the outgoing Vice President Ahene Truly, Chairman of Promotions Francis Declan, Atta Eddie Pappoe, Dr. Quaye, J.A. Annan, Many-Spain and co-opted member because he is PRO, Mohammed Amin Lamptey.


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