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The United Nations says the gap between the poor and rich in Ghana keeps widening and needs to be halted.

It says the 3 regions up north are the poorest and rural areas are also getting poorer than urban centres.

According to the UN, the failure by managers of the economy to carefully plan for the entire population resulted in such disparities.

It said social vices are gaining grounds due to failure to check the poverty rates among rural dwellers.

An international conference is being held next week in Accra to discuss the issues and find solutions.

Kordzo Sedegah, an economist with the UNDP, an arm of the UN told XYZ News that the widening gap between the rich and the poor must be addressed so the country becomes more stable.

?Countries that the inequality between the rich and the poor is very marginal; you realize that they are more stable. I can give you a good example of Norway where the gap between the poor and rich is not wide as compared to an African country like Ghana or Nigeria.

?You find out that their crime rate is lower and also when the economic crisis happened Norway was more stable. What this tells is that where you do not take everybody along when you are developing, when there is any structural defect you feel the shock more?.

Source: radioxyz


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