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Dr. Dre physically abused Michel’le

Singer Michel’le and super producer/rapper Dr Dre dated from 1990 -1996 and had a son named Marcel born in 1991. Michel’le went on to marry Death Row Records founder/CEO Suge Knight in 1999 and had a daughter with him.

In the final episode of the inaugural season of “R&B Divas L.A.” Michel’le opened up about being physically abused by Dr. Dre and revealed the abuse from him and another boyfriend was the reason she got a nose job, because of the physical damage she suffered in their hands.

Well, her revelation upset a lot of fans who verbally attacked Dr Dre online. Dr Dre hasn’t responded to the allegations yet. Michel’le ended up having to defend him from upset fans a few days ago urging them to calm down. See her tweets after the cut…

 Fun Fact: In 1991 Dr. Dre attacked TV personality Denise “Dee” Barnes over an interview she did with Ice Cube after he left NWA.

According to reports Dre caught Dee at an album release party in Hollywood where he picked her up and slammed her against a wall several times and tried to throw her down a flight of stairs, kicking her in the ribs and hands, while his bodyguards held people back.

Dee fled to the ladies room but Dre busted in an grabbed her by the hair and punched her repeatedly in the back of the head.

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