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Daphne Oz Has Just 3months Left Of Her Pregnancy

daphne-oz-dr-ozMom-to-be Daphne Oz, co-host of The Chew, has just three months left of her pregnancy, but there’s one person who’s watching the calendar even more closely than Daphne: her father, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

In the new issue of Closer, on newsstands now, she shares her dad’s over-the-moon excitement about becoming a grandfather for the first time! “Everyone who talks to him calls me to say, ‘Your dad is riding on cloud nine right now!’” Daphne tells Closer. “He’s going to be such a great grandfather.”

And although Daphne says she has no plan to name her baby after her dad, she reveals there is a “raging debate in our house” about what Dr. Oz’s new grandchild will call him. “Right now the front-runners are Lollie for my mom, and Pop for my dad — so it’s Lollie Pop. It’s perfect!”

Asked what kind of granddad she thinks her father will be, Daphne tells Closer: “He’s going to be great. He was a wonderful father. His biggest thing is exhausting children and he’s been waiting for someone to release that energy with again.”



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