‘Children of Saba’, the first in the ‘Epic of Aphrike’ series,?unearths the mysteries and legacy of an ancient race responsible for throwing shadows on time’s dawn. This enigmatic race bequeaths a secret heirloom – so powerful it could ?end all existence? – to the ancestral line of a modern Kenyan family, the Munenes.?

COS COVER MID RES final 2When their parents?are taken hostage by a sworn enemy who seeks their long lost and forgotten family inheritance, the Munene twins, Mwenda and Kendi, are plunged into?a quest discover their family?s legacy – a mystery so primeval and unutterable that it has faded from the present-now.??They?eventually learn that they are the only two people on the earth – past, present and future – who can sway the outcome of a foreordained chain of cataclysmic events that are linked to their family?s present predicament and could catastrophically affect all three dimensions of time.?
‘Children of Saba’ is written for and?dedicated?to Africa. It recreates the glory and majesty of a?prodigious continent, appealing to lovers of the Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings series.
Based on extensive historical research by Kenyan born author N.K. Read, it explores?the majesty, splendour and glory of Africa’s people, past and present. It is the untold story of this great continent; a chronicle that leaps beyond the boundaries of the present and transcends the origins of the Earth.


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