Nana Doku Darkwah II, Chief of Manso Edubia in the Amansie West District of the Ashanti Region has called for infrastructural expansion of the local Health Centre in his area, which, he claims had not seen any expansion work since it was established in the 1960s.

He said the facility was established with others at Nkenkaasu and Nyinahin both of which have been upgraded to hospital status, but noted that facility in his area still remains under the status of a Health Center.


According to him, the expansion of the facility was long overdue,? stressing that there is need for attention to be given to it in that direction, as it serves over eighty communities in the area.

Nana Darkwah has also appealed to the government through the Ghana Health Service (GHS) and the Ministry of Health to consider the plight of the people of the communities who rely on the facility for their health needs, and give it the necessary attention.

He further appealed to citizens of the area?both at home and abroad ?to also think about the wellbeing of their relatives at home and contribute to the expansion of the facility.

The Chief also lamented about the poor road network in the area and called on the government through the ministry of roads and transport to address the deplorable situation of the road.

He pointed out that most of the schools in the area also in? deplorable and dilapidated state and needed?urgent attention to make teaching and learning attractive to the children of school going age to help eliminate the high rate of illiteracy within the communities.

Dr Kofi Bosomtwe Yartel, Superintendent Medical Officer of? Health Center also hinted that the facility is facing the problem of congestion as all patients are forced to share the same ward together.

He added that the facility also lacked bathroom for patients as well as standby generator to support service delivery when there is power outage, a situation he said makes it difficult for doctors to attend to emergency cases when there is power failure.

According to him, under such situations, the authorities of the Centre are compelled to transfer emergency cases to the Agroyesum Hospital, which is a mission hospital in the area, which he said also faces accommodation problem for its staff.


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