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Cervical Cancer Immunization Kicks Off In Northern Region

Cervical cancer

Tamale, Feb. 11, GNA – The Ghana Health Service in collaboration with some partners has begun an immunization and public education program against cervical cancer for female pupils in 547 primary schools in six districts of the Northern Region. The national pilot project which is being implemented in the Northern and Central Regions is targeting 11,986 pupils in the Northern Region.

The Yendi, Mion, Tolon, Kumbungu, East Gonja and the Savelugu/Nanton Districts were participating in the pilot project in the region.

Dr Akwasi Twumasi, Northern Regional Director of the Ghana Health Service, in an interaction in Tamale on Monday, said cervical cancer was one of the leading causes of death amongst women in Ghana.

He said the target population would be given three doses at different points in time to complete the process and thus making them free from the disease stressing that cervical cancer was only contracted through sexual contact.

He explained that cancers can occur in any part of the body but when it occurs in the lower narrow part of the womb known as the cervix then it is referred to as cervical cancer.

Dr Twumasi stressed that the vaccination services that was ongoing would protect the girl against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which is the virus that causes cervical cancer saying that girls without sexual contact were not exposed to the virus.

He said some of the symptoms of people with the disease include offensive blood stains, virginal discharge, irregular menstrual bleeding, bleeding after intercourse and urged people to avoid early sex, avoid multiple sexual partners and periodic cervical cancer screening to prevent the disease.

He said second dose would be given between 26th to 28th  of February while the last dose would be given after five months.


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